Exploring Austin - Mount Bonnell Hike

If I had to pick my top three favorite places in Austin, Mount Bonnell would undeniably be one of them. It's absolutely unique to Austin, offers great views and is absolutely free. It has been a tourist attraction since 1850s. Not surprisingly, being almost 800 feet above sea level, it's the highest spot in Austin and offers a spectacular view of Lake Austin. There are those who come here for the hike - which is, in all honesty, not much of a hike at all - and those who are here to enjoy the sunset with a basket of goodies. Either way, Mount Bonnell is an amazing spot. It's so peaceful at the top and definitely worth the walk up the stairs. (I'm not sure I want to call this a hike because although you do walk up, it requires minimum effort, comfortable shoes and some water. All in all, the hike up should take no longer than 15 minutes).