Mozart's Coffee Roasters, Austin TX

Who doesn't like a good cup of coffee paired with good company and a great view? Mozart's Coffee Roasters offers all three of those things. It is a touristy place as much as it is a favorite place to hang out for the locals here in Austin. 

The shop was established in 1993. They flame-roast their beans and prepare the desserts in house! Mozart's is located on the Colorado River, not far from downtown. It's always crowded, regardless of the time of day, for a good reason - the wooden deck offers extraordinary views of the river and its surroundings!


The coffee shop is a perfect place to enjoy a warm drink, tea or coffee, and a good dessert. Or both. My favorite time to be here is definitely in the fall, since Texas summers are way too hot to enjoy outdoors even in the evenings (on most occasions and for someone who is a corgi owner, anyway). The wooden deck adds somewhat of a European feel to the place - you can definitely come here with a group of friends, family or just bring a good book to read. 

During the holiday season, Mozart's is beautifully decorated for their Holiday Lights Extravaganza, an annual show the coffee shop is known for. The show begins at 6pm every night and is replayed every hour until 11pm. While taking the photos, there were so many families and couples showing up here for the light show! To be completely honest, I was even more impressed with the gorgeous sunset and how dreamy the warm golden light made the place appear. 

If I had to pick my favorite drink on Mozart's menu, it would have to be their Vecchi Amici cafe au lait and a (any!) pastry. I was definitely set on being good and not ordering a cupcake on this trip, only to completely change my mind once it was my turn to place an order! Mozart's is definitely worth a trip, especially on a chilly autumn day when you can enjoy the outdoors with a hot tasty cup of coffee. 

We noticed many families here with children who brought food to feed the ducks and the gorgeous white swans. They are so domesticated that they literally expect you to let them have a treat or two!