Weekend Finds

So here we are - mid October, the stores here in the U.S. are all about Halloween everything. The funny thing is that every year, I feel that this is when the true (read: commercialized) holiday season truly starts because the day after Halloween, the U.S. stores become all about Thanksgiving, after which, naturally, you guessed it - the stores and shops are all about Christmas. This time of year is a significant revenue generator for them, but for me, a week of pumpkin-everything is enough in a place where: a). you can't enjoy a hot cup of tea outside because, well, it's still just too hot for anything but iced drinks; b). October temperatures do not fall below 90F degrees and even though there's a slight hint of autumn in the air, one can easily be comfy wearing flip flops and shorts. 

This past week I enjoyed several really good reads that I could not wait to share here on the blog. 

1. Have you ever seen an artist use autumn leaves to create art? I certainly haven't until I saw these fantastic artworks created by two artists from Georgia. Take a look at more of their creations here

2. Everyone Wants To Be Young. Indeed, but then again - not exactly everyone wants to be young, or the young versions of themselves. As someone who has become familiar with the internal struggle of the impeding third decade of my existence, I have to say that it might be the fact that feeling young is more valuable than looking young. Of course it's up for a good debate. Plus, what exactly is "young"? Some cultures believe that a woman in her 30s is not young, while other cultures embrace the fact that being in your 30s or 40s is simply a new season of life and it's what you make of it. The article is brilliantly written by the lovely Garance Dore, whom I adore, and is most definitely a great read.  

3. What are your habits when it comes to money management? Do you mostly eat or wear the majority of your disposable income? Here is a brief little post to get us thinking (perfect timing too, before the holidays) about how to be financially wiser.

4. If you've ever struggled with circumnavigating your own intelligence, you may be able to get a lesson on how to do it best from Amy Schumer, or, rather, a witty analysis of her stand up shows happening in various cities this month. 

5. On being a dog Mom - looking at this photo of Zoya when she was only 3 months old, I can't imagine that she's turning 3 years old this December! Where did the time go? I miss her puppy years but I certainly enjoy having a well behaved little corgi girl.