Weekend Finds

Hi All! I'm starting a new blog post series to share the things I find interest/ worthy of sharing during a weekend. There have been so many of them! The majority of them are, of course, art and design related. 

So, without further ado, I picked 5 things that I either a). learned or b). saw/ experienced over the past weekend. I can think of so many more than five, but because I want to keep this type of posts brief and simple, I thought five should do the trick. 

1.  Stumbled across this extremely inspiring success story of Rachel Khoo, a pastry chef. She moved from London to Paris, and after graduating from Sorbonne served dinners for two in her tiny apartment. Soon, she became a Parisian celebrity and was featured on BBC, wrote five of her own books and built her brand. 

You can read more here

2. An interesting guide on how to add a bit of that coveted Parisienne chic style. Read more here.

3. Zoya and I made a trip to our local Bark Park this Saturday afternoon, and I couldn't have been happier. Finally the weather cooled down here and it was a gorgeous sunny day, in the low 80s and clear skies. Zoya approved, and was extremely pleased, although didn't seem to be interested in any of the pups she met at the park. 

4. If you are like me and have been hearing about creating a capsule wardrobe, you might be thinking - where do I start? The biggest challenge is getting rid of all of your pre-loved clothes to make room and money, of course, for that additional good stuff. Here's a good list of apps to download to get you started.

5. For those of you who are from Austin or a planning on being here next spring, I came a cross 2017 SXSW schedule. Last year was fun (even if you don't get to go to any of the showings, people watching at a local shop downtown can be just as entertaining!)